Road Till The Casket Drops

2 12 2008

I guess before caskets drop, amazingly ill, cocaine ridden mixtapes drop.  Cooked coke spitting Clipse dropped Road Till The Casket Drops, a dope collection of tracks showcasing Pusha and Mal’s powdery word play and some of the best beats to be released in the past few months.  If this mixtape is a peek of how the album will turn out we can rest assured Till The Casket Drops will be another HHNF and bring Clipse back into popular consicousness.

Download Road Till The Casket Drops

Real Gangstas Don’t Play….

19 11 2008

So my boy Face put me on to the intro off The Clipse’s new mixtape Road ‘Till The Casket Drops.  This is the precursor to the highly anticipated album Til The Casket Drops.  Now I’ve been a Clipse fan since ’01 when Grindin’ dropped, I mean who wasn’t but, unfortunately 2008 proved to be a tough year for the VA crack spitting duo.  They released an awesome mixtape with now defunct group, The Re-Up Gang but made a huge mistake, when stepping up to the plate to potentially produce a classic album they just recycled their mixtape tracks and dumped them over new instrumentals that were mediocre at best.  Along with pushing a single that wasn’t the strongest track on the album and a music video that left much to be desired and a failed rap war with one of the most popular rappers in years, things started looking bleek for re-up.  Ultimately unhappy with the direction of everything regarding their album, in September Re-Up Gang member Sandman disassociated himself from the group voicing his disgust with the way things were handled.  All of these short-comings have almost made The Clipse irrelevant to hip-hop listeners and disappointed many of their fans.  Now with the upcoming release of Road ‘Til The Casket Drops there is new found hope, the intro gives you a taste of the crack rocks that await in the rest of the tracks and honestly I can’t wait till I get my hands on it.  The Clipse have an uphill climb but they’re more than capable of bouncing back and fulfilling their expectations and realizing their potential.  So here’s the intro….


The Clipse- Intro ( Road \’Till The Casket Drops )


I was searching through a couple folders and found a track I’ve yet to post, I’ve listened to it only a couple times but I think it’s pretty dope enjoy.

The Black Devil Disco Club- The Devil In Us



Peace and farewell to all my readers!