Split Personality…

5 01 2009


It’ seems Mr. Wasalu Muhammed Jaco has donned another split personality, now while Lupe Fiasco Denies that this music is created by him it is undeniably so.  First Lupe Fiasco then, Carrera Lu’ and now Percival Fats, a british electro/rock singer who seems to have borrowed Lupe’s style from the song “Hello Goodbye ( Uncool ).  Now I’m a self admitted Lupe Fiasco fan-whore but I think even if I wasn’t I would still dig the hell out of this, granted his faux British accent takes some getting used to it’s pretty good for a black guy from Chicago.  Now I’m assuming he’s operating under a “band” by the name of Japanese Cartoon which pretty much screams “Hey it’s Lupe”( he’s a fan of all things Japanese and British, especially anime ). So without further delay here’s Japanese Cartoon!

Japanese Cartoon- Army

Japanese Cartoon- Heirplanes




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