Road Till The Casket Drops

2 12 2008

I guess before caskets drop, amazingly ill, cocaine ridden mixtapes drop.  Cooked coke spitting Clipse dropped Road Till The Casket Drops, a dope collection of tracks showcasing Pusha and Mal’s powdery word play and some of the best beats to be released in the past few months.  If this mixtape is a peek of how the album will turn out we can rest assured Till The Casket Drops will be another HHNF and bring Clipse back into popular consicousness.

Download Road Till The Casket Drops

Change Clothes?

19 11 2008


Now, we all know The Clipse have parted ways from Skateboard P and the once former Bape clad rappers have made a a step in the fashion direction.  Starting up their own clothing line, Play Cloths ( no typo ) they’ve come with a rather BBC-esque logo of a boy named Jack.  The retro logo will find it’s way on to their first release, a T-shirt with “Jack” on the chest comprised of several 80’s pop culture images.  The tee will come in black and white and releases Friday Nov. 21st, I’ll try to get my hands on a tee if the price is reasonable and post a few flicks.