10 01 2009


Lil’ Wayne and Skateboard P have cooked up quite a song here, with a downtempo style and a little vocoder this song pretty much kicks ass.  Not much to say about that so listen up!

Lil’ Wayne featuring Pharrell- Yes


Split Personality…

5 01 2009


It’ seems Mr. Wasalu Muhammed Jaco has donned another split personality, now while Lupe Fiasco Denies that this music is created by him it is undeniably so.  First Lupe Fiasco then, Carrera Lu’ and now Percival Fats, a british electro/rock singer who seems to have borrowed Lupe’s style from the song “Hello Goodbye ( Uncool ).  Now I’m a self admitted Lupe Fiasco fan-whore but I think even if I wasn’t I would still dig the hell out of this, granted his faux British accent takes some getting used to it’s pretty good for a black guy from Chicago.  Now I’m assuming he’s operating under a “band” by the name of Japanese Cartoon which pretty much screams “Hey it’s Lupe”( he’s a fan of all things Japanese and British, especially anime ). So without further delay here’s Japanese Cartoon!

Japanese Cartoon- Army

Japanese Cartoon- Heirplanes

Spring 2009 Nike Blazer Vintage Pack

27 12 2008


Wow, Nike is finally starting to come back around, no more weak ass designs, no more limited edition packs that look like something a pissed off intern decided to think up on his last day and no more fucking up classic models.  Here they’ve taken the classic Blazer High and gave it some of their  vintage treatment.  Complete with a full suede upper, white swoosh, laces, tongue and oxidized midsole these definitely look like a “clean” pair.  Releasing in red, green and blue expect to see these in the spring of next year.

Courtesty: High Snobiety


Do you remember the time?

22 12 2008


When Michael Jackson’s albums were the next thing everyone in the country was waiting for?   Do you remember when the video for Thriller used to scare the living shit out of you?  Do you remember when Michael Jackson was black?  Do you remember when everyone almost thought he was normal when he married Priscilla Presley?  Do you remember when he had the best music videos ever?  Do you remember the time when Michael Jackson was this country’s most entertaining and talented singer, songwriter and humanitarian?  Well I do, and despite all the negative media and attention he’s garnered no one can just disregard his talent and accomplishments in pop music.  He influenced all sorts of people and he’s almost as popular as Mickey Mouse and I’m not kidding. 


I was just about to publish this post which I’ve had saved as a draft for a few days now, when I heard news of Michael Jackson’s health.  It seems he’s lost 95% of the vision in one eye and he needs a double lung transplant.  He can barely speak and he may be too weak to have the transplant.  These life threatening issues are due to a genetic disorder that he and doctors have spent years working to curb.  My best wishes are with you Michael.

Retraction: Michael Jackson is not in poor health, the rumor was created by an unauthorized biographer to promote his book.  The Jackson Family and Jackson’s spokesman have denied any problems with Michaels health saying he is in fine health and working on more musical ventures.


Michael Jackson- Rock With You ( Square Remix)

Michael Jackson- Bad ( Mowgli is Bad Remix )

Michael Jackson- Billie Jean 2008 Feat. Kanye West

Michael Jackson- Thriller ( Bird Peterson Remix )

Michael Jackson- P.Y.T. ( Marquis Dmerit remix )

Michael Jackson- Dirty Diana ( Stranger Remix)




Bonus Track:

Rockwell Featuring Michael Jackson- Somebody’s Watching Me ( Your Dirty Habit Trill Bass Remix )

When it comes, it will feel like a kiss…

22 12 2008


Bloc Party’s Intimacy has proved to be quite successful and it’s definitely one of my favorite albums of the year.  The band is going back on the road and they have released this acoustic version of Talons which is quite dope.

Bloc Party- Talons ( Acoustic )

Can’t fake the funk…

21 12 2008

So today I was thinking about my dad and the music he listened to and I got into a great nostalgic mood.  To add to the great mood I think I found my older brother and sister on Facebook who I haven’t seen in years.  So I think I’ll throw together a special little treat for you guys and make this an all video post. PEEP!








All I do is party… and kill bitches who steal money

16 12 2008


 MSTRKRFT – Bounce feat. N.O.R.E & Isis


MSTRKRFT’s video for their single Bounce Featuring N.O.R.E. is finally here!  The video is decent what entertains me is the signature cigarettes and crown royal oh and MSTRKRFT’s murder skills.  Since WordPress acts gay with embedding videos please click the link if you can’t see it here.