Guns of Brooklyn….

21 11 2008

Hello all, I hope you guys are digging the new direction of the blog these past couple days, I’m trying my best to make it as diverse as possible so if you guys have any suggestions at all shoot them my way and they’ll be taken into consideration.  I have a couple ear snacks for you so, I hope you have an apetite!


First bit is from Chicago based Rabid Vinyl Monks, they present a nice little mix of some dope mash-ups and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing Hot Handz or myself spin you’ll know we love a good mash-up!


Rabid Vinyl Monks- NWA A Millie Biggie


Next is my girl Santogold with her old school reggae infused Guns of Brooklyn, this is undeniably one of my favorite tracks from Santo.  

Santogold vs.Diplo- Guns of Brooklyn

Great song and great lyrics.


Finally I have some new GLC featuring Kanye West, Big Screen.

GLC featuring Kanye West- Big Screen


Caught up in the HYPE CLUB….

21 11 2008

This has nothing to do with soap, human fat from a liposuction clinic, no explosions, chemical burns, mental insanity or brutal fist fights.  No this is different, this is Hype Club and the only rule of Hype Club is bring your “A” game in every bar you spit.  The highly anticipated mixtape is the brain child of Subculture, Chief Writer for Hypetrak and Judah. Subculture has put together and helped produce potentially one of the best mixtapes of the year.  Featuring artists such as, Lil’ Wayne,  Wale, Mick Boogie and GLC and more, the mixtape does’t skimp on celebrity power and also features tracks from Hypebeast’s forum, Hypecrew members.  The mixtape shows tons of potential and all we’ve got to do now is wait for it.  I think my boy Subculture has made Tyler Durden proud.  The mixtape will be made available on the Hypetrak website, czech the blogroll!