God from the machine…

10 09 2008

Yeah I know it’s been a while since my last update but work has been INSANE! Now I do have quite a few BANGERS for you guys it’s pretty fucking crazy actually so, I’ll keep the words short and the music heavy. It’s been a while since Justice has released any new original material and I was starting to think they were just riding the success of their first album and simply content with churning out remixes in a pretty saturated scene. I was fucking wrong they recently did a Dior Homme fashion show and previewed some new material and as expected the internet has gone crazy and now they release this series of eargasms, Planisphere. Now these tracks sound straight out of a Devil May Cry sequel or a kick ass neo-horror film, using heavy guitars and characteristic fat bass lines and crunched synths, Justice serves up some serious heat. Well enough talk here it goes!

Justice- Planisphere ( Part 1 )

Speaking of the fusion of fashion and electro, here’s a mix thrown together by the Moses and Jesus of French House music,Daft Punk for  Louis Vuitton’s spring/summer ’08 show.  I know I’m late on it but better late than never right?
If you were able to decode the lyrics to M.I.A.’s break out single Bucky Done Gun then you’re aware that shorty is a freak!  This song is another reminder that she seems to know her way around a bedroom and that she’s not shy about it.
It looks like the blogosphere ( God I hate that fucking word ) is buzzing to the tune of a new guy on the block.  Fake Blood an anonymous Remixer/DJ/Producer is pumping out some pretty decent tracks lately.  Now I have a hunch that Fake Blood is none other than Black Ghosts’ Theo Keating . Here are a couple stand out tracks that I’ve been digging lately.
Well I think I dropped a damn good post on you guys I can’t forget the ladies here are HCSY so here they are!

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…..Meagan Good and Eva Longoria two women even Jesus would pop a boner to.  

Well guys again sorry for the hiatus but I hope I’ve redeemed myself DEUS EX MACHINA OUT!