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26 11 2008

Hustling, this is often a slang term used to describe the trafficking and sale of illicit drugs.  But really to a lot of people hustling is doing their day to day job to either make ends meet or make sure they’re getting ahead of the pack.  Everything from bagging groceries, selling cell phones, delivering pizzas, changing tires, closing corporate accounts for a Fortune 500 big boy to hanging pizza menus on door knobs is hustling.  Doing what you have to do to eat and it’s the subject matter of more music than you can imagine, I decided to post up a few songs that get me in the hustler’s mind frame, DIG!


Curtis Mayfield- Pusher Man

Simian Mobile Disco- Hustler (A-trak Remix)

Re-Up Gang- Bring It Back

Big L- Flamboyant


I think I’ll stop there I don’t want to keep going and get too cliche on you.

Real Gangstas Don’t Play….

19 11 2008

So my boy Face put me on to the intro off The Clipse’s new mixtape Road ‘Till The Casket Drops.  This is the precursor to the highly anticipated album Til The Casket Drops.  Now I’ve been a Clipse fan since ’01 when Grindin’ dropped, I mean who wasn’t but, unfortunately 2008 proved to be a tough year for the VA crack spitting duo.  They released an awesome mixtape with now defunct group, The Re-Up Gang but made a huge mistake, when stepping up to the plate to potentially produce a classic album they just recycled their mixtape tracks and dumped them over new instrumentals that were mediocre at best.  Along with pushing a single that wasn’t the strongest track on the album and a music video that left much to be desired and a failed rap war with one of the most popular rappers in years, things started looking bleek for re-up.  Ultimately unhappy with the direction of everything regarding their album, in September Re-Up Gang member Sandman disassociated himself from the group voicing his disgust with the way things were handled.  All of these short-comings have almost made The Clipse irrelevant to hip-hop listeners and disappointed many of their fans.  Now with the upcoming release of Road ‘Til The Casket Drops there is new found hope, the intro gives you a taste of the crack rocks that await in the rest of the tracks and honestly I can’t wait till I get my hands on it.  The Clipse have an uphill climb but they’re more than capable of bouncing back and fulfilling their expectations and realizing their potential.  So here’s the intro….


The Clipse- Intro ( Road \’Till The Casket Drops )


I was searching through a couple folders and found a track I’ve yet to post, I’ve listened to it only a couple times but I think it’s pretty dope enjoy.

The Black Devil Disco Club- The Devil In Us



Peace and farewell to all my readers!

Rudy this one’s for you….

18 11 2008

Guess who’s back!  Yeah it’s been AGES since I’ve posted but I will be back at it and since I’m moving back to NY in a few months, I think the blog will head in an awesome direction in the coming months and hopefully beyond that.  I think I’m gonna hit you guys up with a good amount of music and news.  I won’t leak anymore of 808’s & Heartbreak than you guys have already gotten on blogs across the web, instead I’ll bless you guys with some new music I’ve just got my hands on and a couple bangers we all know that I’ve been rocking with.

First things first though guys I do want to update you on a couple things,  KR’s marker & ink company KRINK has just released something pretty impressive.  The K-66 steel tipped marker which comes in 10 different colors, I haven’t gotten word or tested them to check their opacity, ink flow or price but stay tuned for more info I cant wait to test these babies out!
In a fashion industry where the occasional bite is acceptable and often times hyped beyond expectations we often see a high end brand taking a page out of the little guy’s book.  There’s no better example than this recent effort by Louis Vuitton I stumbled upon.  It looks like LV has drawn inspiration from the skateboard culture’s OG brand Vans and whipped up this new collection.  With obvious beefed up soles and what seems to look like the legendary SK8 Hi’s and the Lo’s  rich cousins these shoe’s are pretty damn clean, released for the re-opening of one of LV’s Japan stores these sneakers should appeal to anyone looking for luxury in a classic sillouhette.
Now for the MUSIC portion of tonight’s program, just a little while ago I stumbled upon these tracks from a dude by the name of Pase Rock.  Fusing hip-hop and electro in a funk ass package full of shit I would find myself saying Pase does a good job of making fun and funny music we can all dance and laugh to.
Another group I’ve found is Heads We Dance, yes more electro but this is different….this sounds like robot orgasms.   I know what you’re thinking “Fucking great another electro group raping the shit out of a vocoder/auto-tune or talk box!”  And yes you guys are right they do use a vocoder/autotune, a lot but they do a great job of getting your head nodding, hipster girls 2 stepping in their fedora’s and swaying to the beat.  Warning: HUMAN TOUCH IS HEAVY ON AUTO-TUNE/VOCODER LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.
This track right here nigga….this track right here nigga…this shit’s DEF!  Well really it’s closer to Bad Boy, Felix Da Housecat employed P.Diddy to feature on his track Jack U and my boys Jesse and Al of MSTRKRFT have taken the liberty of remixing and making it dope track even DOPER!
Now moving away from all things electro, I’d like to share with you a little of my favorite crack…..rap that is.  Pusha T and Malice are The Clipse ( if you don’t already know) and when you added Ab Liva and Sandman you had The Re-Up Gang.  Now unfortunately Sandman no longer is associates himself with Re-Up due to unhappiness with the politics of their last album but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate that fresh out the mayonaise jar, in your mom’s good pots baking soda-ey goodness that they once provided.  So I reintroduce to you R-E-U-P-G-A-N-G!
Now,I know I said we we gonna move away from electro this post but just as I was about to wrap up I got a little surpise on my computer screen.  The name of the band reeks of awesomeness and their sound is pretty much the voice of our generation ( fucked up by internet porn, fruit snacks, 90’s cartoons and college experimenting )and straddles the electro rock fence, as painful as that sounds.  Their name, Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head.   Yeah, that’s right no typo no mistake and no I’m not bullshitting you, those of you that know me well know that I have an unhealthy obsession with Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson( see first post ) and without hearing a tune this band was automatically cool with me.  Let’s have a listen shall we!
Well guys that about wraps it up for now, I did not forget the eye candy though so kick back and enjoy!  
P.S.  As a tolerant heterosexual male, I urge all of you guys to go out and fight for the civil rights of Gays and Lesbians in America, their right to marry is just as legal as anyone else’s.  Think about it as recently as the 60’s if a Black man were to want to marry a White woman that marriage would not be recognized legally.  There was a time when Black men couldn’t even marry Black women.  Honestly, stop using the Bible as an excuse to rob these individuals of civil liberties,  there is no sanctity in marriage because if there was, people wouldn’t be forced into it, it wouldn’t be given away as a prize on a reality T.V. show and it wouldn’t be used as a way to gain wealth.  All these people want is the right to have the same 50% chance of lifelong happiness that you have.  Their union does not threaten American society, homosexuality is not a disease and it does not threaten this country’s future.  So honestly, what is it to you?  How will two people who honestly love each other and want nothing more than to share each other’s lives hurt you, how is it your business?  Those of you who voted for Propositions 8&2 have successfully stripped away the right of happiness from your fellow citizens, so hug your big book of Jewish fairy tales and rejoice that you made a mockery of the freedom that this country promises.