Everyday I’m…

26 11 2008

Hustling, this is often a slang term used to describe the trafficking and sale of illicit drugs.  But really to a lot of people hustling is doing their day to day job to either make ends meet or make sure they’re getting ahead of the pack.  Everything from bagging groceries, selling cell phones, delivering pizzas, changing tires, closing corporate accounts for a Fortune 500 big boy to hanging pizza menus on door knobs is hustling.  Doing what you have to do to eat and it’s the subject matter of more music than you can imagine, I decided to post up a few songs that get me in the hustler’s mind frame, DIG!


Curtis Mayfield- Pusher Man

Simian Mobile Disco- Hustler (A-trak Remix)

Re-Up Gang- Bring It Back

Big L- Flamboyant


I think I’ll stop there I don’t want to keep going and get too cliche on you.

Shake Your…..

20 11 2008

In this edition of HCSY we will be discussing music that makes people want to, “shake what their momma gave them”, “bump the junk in their trunks”, “shake their groove things” and “bounce that ass, while letting me see what they got”.  I’ve come up with a sound track for these actions that will definitely get the glutes going.  With more bounce to the ounce than a vat of rubber, these songs have what it takes to get things rocking, or shaking, or jiggling etc.  


This first track sounds pretty painful but it’s actually quite dope, plenty of bass and great samples that get the party hyped.

Aniki- Nut Kickaz (Bass Weazal Remix)

Next up are a few remixes from DJ Barletta, again ample booty shaking fuel for the masses, Bass, Bounce and Bang.

DJ Barletta- Bass Live ( Misio Bootleg )

Since we’re on the topic of booty shaking I’ve got to throw in this Barletta remix of Lady GaGa’s Just Dance because well, she’s got a nice booty!

Lady GaGa- Just Dance ( DJ Barletta Crunk Edit )

Next up is a favorite of mine by Don Rimini

Don Rimini- Hools ( DJ Barletta Crunk Edit )

And closing out the DJ Barletta contribution is this impressive remix of Lil’ Wayne’s Lollipop.

Lil’ Wayne- Lollipop ( DJ Barletta Remix )

Now I think I’ll close this post out with a little Laidback Luke and A-Trak

Laidback Luke & A-Trak- Shake It Down

 Now don’t think I’m forgetting about your eye candy if the title image wasn’t enough here’s a little more.  Remember my mention of Lady GaGa?