Louis VuittonxStephen Sprouse

2 12 2008


How many famous people/fashion Gods can be squeezed into one blog post?  Well lets see, Louis Vuitton,  the fashion power house and my personal favorite luxury brand, has once again utilized the work of Stephen Sprouse, God father of the 80’s downtown pop punk fashion trend.  Using his trademark graffiti print that was featured in their first collaboration 7 years ago, they’ve developed bags, shoes, leggings and even sneakers.  Now, I think I owe you guys an explanation as to why Marc Jacobs is naked on my blog, well, I can’t explain really.  All I can say is that he’s donned the graffiti print and fortunately grabbed a well placed bag and had another swag icon photograph him.  Yes if you’re up on your shit you may recognize this as being Terry Richardson’s signature style.  The shot will be featured in Harper’s Bazaar’s January issue.  Though I wouldn’t personally rock any of the items, I think the bags are pretty dope. Peep!



A Hypebeast’s wet dream…..

25 11 2008


Well the 2 most hyped brands have fucked and made babies, yes maybe the sexual intercourse bit was a little overkill but Visvim and Supreme have just collaborated on a couple pieces that are bound to guaruntee two things.  A price that is far from reasonable for some pretty unimpressive items and a frenzy of hype seeking man missles all chomping at the bit for a chance to get their hands on these.  The boots come in 2 different colorways a brown/blue model and a black/red version.  The boots are reminiscent of Timberland’s popular field boot, that Supreme also collaborated with on a series, and feature Visvim’s signature exagerrated lace system and proportions.  Also releasing are 4 beanies that feature patches containing both brand’s logos, expect these to drop soon, trust me you’ll hear about it.



Courtesy: Highsnobiety

Rock the boat…

21 11 2008

With the increase in popularity and the trend of more sophisticated and luxury based fashion, Adidas Originals has come up with quite an impressive collection.  The Winter Craftmanship pack is the name and the design is clean, mature and sophisticated.  The model seen is the ZX 700 Boat shoe,  the Visvim-esque shoe will drop saturday in Hong Kong at the O-store. 




Source: Hypebeast

Change Clothes?

19 11 2008


Now, we all know The Clipse have parted ways from Skateboard P and the once former Bape clad rappers have made a a step in the fashion direction.  Starting up their own clothing line, Play Cloths ( no typo ) they’ve come with a rather BBC-esque logo of a boy named Jack.  The retro logo will find it’s way on to their first release, a T-shirt with “Jack” on the chest comprised of several 80’s pop culture images.  The tee will come in black and white and releases Friday Nov. 21st, I’ll try to get my hands on a tee if the price is reasonable and post a few flicks.