In my B-Boy Stance…

4 12 2008

When I was younger I went through a series of phases where I developed extreme interest in things I naturally sucked at.   Break dancing was one of them, now it’s not just breaking that I suck miserably at, any kind of dancing at all outside of a two step I’ve somehow managed to fuck up.  I dance worse than a drunk white guy at a Salsa club, you’re probably thinking, “Damn G I know you’re Puerto Rican and Black, you must have some ability.”  Well I don’t, to give you an idea of how bad it is, I fucked up the cha-cha slide,  the damn song gives you instructions and I still fucked it up.  But it’s okay I still enjoy watching BBoys and BGirls and I’ve found my position behind turntables making other people dance.  Though my dreams of being a world reknowned BBoy will never come into fruition I still enjoy the hell out of this track by Jazzy Jay and Cool Supreme.  Pretty much another song that illustrates the origin of modern electro, this song is so good it barely sounds dated and is sure to make everyone wish they could bust out a halo.

P.S. Peep the kick ass Nike Vandals the Rock Steady Crew is rocking, with the lace swap!


Jazzy Jay & Cool Supreme- BBoy Style (Vocal)

Jazzy Jay & Cool Supreme- BBoy Style ( Dub Instrumental)


It’s bigger than hip-hop…

27 08 2008

So lately there’s been a decent influx of good hip-hop, either that or my standards have been lowered significantly, hopefully it isn’t the latter.  Giving cats like The Cool Kids and Mickey Factz ( who to me has a striking resemblance to Jazzy Jeff  ) a listen solidifies my belief in hip-hop.  Now, while I’m not calling these dudes the next Biggies, Jays and Pacs, they are making waves in a pretty stagnant pool of music we call hip-hop.  Amongst a few rappers making blogs all over the net “post-happy”, these two acts are bringing a refreshing breeze of fun rap that isn’t associated with some ridiculous dance, guttural sounds or some sort of super hero.  Fresh, innovative song concepts from Mickey and old-school, punch-line ridden,bass heavy bangers  from The Cool Kids are undeniable head nodders and ample ringtone fodder.  I’ll limit this post and not get too biographical on you, there are plenty of other blogs and myspace pages dedicated to that shit.  Here are some bangers that showcase these potential “next big things” talent.

Okay, next order of business is something I haven’t touched on in a while…. or ever for that matter, MUSIC VIDEOS!  I know I’ve posted Common’s video for Go but that wasn’t really “new”,  KanYe West just released a new video for Good Morning.  Directed by The Louis Vuitton Don himself and animated by the legendary Takashi Murakami, this video reflects ‘Ye’s recent obsession with all things Japanese.  One of the better videos I’ve seen this year the artwork is simply stunning and it provides a bit of comic relief, while he may be a cry baby and a self-absorbed ego maniac, you have to respect this man for his awesome work, shit I do.

Well this wraps things up pretty much of course I can’t forget the lovely ladies PEEP!

OOOOOOOH boy I wanna get all up in those Depends adult undergarments…..
Here’s Lucy Pinder no words necessary