Feed the Meter….Head?

12 12 2008


A few new tracks from the IHEARTCOMIX artists Meterhead, sorry for the lack of  words but I’m in a huge rush so enjoy and let me know what you think.

Meterhead- Biggie Dance

Meterhead- Blue Room

Meterhead- Rick Rollin’


And a bonus track for all my Freestyle head out there, this one is by Death To The Throne.

Shannon- Let The Music Play ( Death To The Throne Remix )


Nike’s back…

10 12 2008

Me and my boy Mikey of  Skull With Hair Design,  had a conversation some time ago about Nike and how their new models really sucked ass and how they were pretty much running on the success of retro models.  We agreed that the Air Max 95 was their last dope model.  Well I guess Nike spies over heard that conversation and the Nike churned out a dope new model, the 2009 Air Zenyth.  A multi-material shoe the Zenyth is a dope use of old school steez with modern technology.  The shoe features,  suede, leather and rip stop nylon all characteristic of 87- early 90’s Nike running shoes.  Throw in a visible airbag, welded logos, a comfort sock liner and a button down tongue the Zenyth will be a must have.  Three colorways will release March 2009.

Courtesy: High Snobiety

Eat shit and die…

5 12 2008


Some douche bag had the bright idea of throwing something at Kanye during a concert so, as a token of his appreciation Mr. West sings him a little song.  Epic Lulz.



Source: Hypetrak

In my B-Boy Stance…

4 12 2008

When I was younger I went through a series of phases where I developed extreme interest in things I naturally sucked at.   Break dancing was one of them, now it’s not just breaking that I suck miserably at, any kind of dancing at all outside of a two step I’ve somehow managed to fuck up.  I dance worse than a drunk white guy at a Salsa club, you’re probably thinking, “Damn G I know you’re Puerto Rican and Black, you must have some ability.”  Well I don’t, to give you an idea of how bad it is, I fucked up the cha-cha slide,  the damn song gives you instructions and I still fucked it up.  But it’s okay I still enjoy watching BBoys and BGirls and I’ve found my position behind turntables making other people dance.  Though my dreams of being a world reknowned BBoy will never come into fruition I still enjoy the hell out of this track by Jazzy Jay and Cool Supreme.  Pretty much another song that illustrates the origin of modern electro, this song is so good it barely sounds dated and is sure to make everyone wish they could bust out a halo.

P.S. Peep the kick ass Nike Vandals the Rock Steady Crew is rocking, with the lace swap!


Jazzy Jay & Cool Supreme- BBoy Style (Vocal)

Jazzy Jay & Cool Supreme- BBoy Style ( Dub Instrumental)

DatA entry…

3 12 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to music that has given me goosebumps.  Fortunately for me this just happened again about 20 minutes ago when I stumbled upon DatA, the Parisian electro artists music is rich with danceable bass and a unique melodic style.  Noting Michael Jackson as one of his main influences DatA’s music is a fusion of electro, and romantic pop.  Also, a talented remix artist DatA destroys tracks like Snoop’s Drop It Like It’s Hot. DIG!

DatA- Rapture Part I

DatA- Rapture Part II

DatA- Morphosis

DatA- Aerius Light

And finally a special treat!

Snoop Dogg Featuring Pharrell- Drop It Like It\’s Hot ( DatA Remix )

Louis VuittonxStephen Sprouse

2 12 2008


How many famous people/fashion Gods can be squeezed into one blog post?  Well lets see, Louis Vuitton,  the fashion power house and my personal favorite luxury brand, has once again utilized the work of Stephen Sprouse, God father of the 80’s downtown pop punk fashion trend.  Using his trademark graffiti print that was featured in their first collaboration 7 years ago, they’ve developed bags, shoes, leggings and even sneakers.  Now, I think I owe you guys an explanation as to why Marc Jacobs is naked on my blog, well, I can’t explain really.  All I can say is that he’s donned the graffiti print and fortunately grabbed a well placed bag and had another swag icon photograph him.  Yes if you’re up on your shit you may recognize this as being Terry Richardson’s signature style.  The shot will be featured in Harper’s Bazaar’s January issue.  Though I wouldn’t personally rock any of the items, I think the bags are pretty dope. Peep!


Road Till The Casket Drops

2 12 2008

I guess before caskets drop, amazingly ill, cocaine ridden mixtapes drop.  Cooked coke spitting Clipse dropped Road Till The Casket Drops, a dope collection of tracks showcasing Pusha and Mal’s powdery word play and some of the best beats to be released in the past few months.  If this mixtape is a peek of how the album will turn out we can rest assured Till The Casket Drops will be another HHNF and bring Clipse back into popular consicousness.

Download Road Till The Casket Drops